Computer Services

Library Computers and Laptops

Library computers and laptops are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Laptops are available for check out at the Ask Desk.

  • Individuals ages 15 and older with account in good standing.
  • Individuals under the age of 15 must have signed parental consent, see Circulation for an Internet Permission Form.
  • Those without a library card can get guest passes at the Ask Desk.
  • Each individual is allotted four hours of use per day, provided no one is waiting for a computer.

Internet & Software

  • Equipped with Microsoft Office 2016, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Reader, and photo editing software.
  • We do not filter Internet content or store any personal data.
  • When your allotted time is up or when you log out, files and data are deleted and cannot be retrieved. It is recommended that you save your work to a flash drive.


Computer Assistance

Ask Desk staff can provide limited computer assistance.

If you are new to using the Internet or other programs on the computer, we recommend you attend one of our free computer classes or fill out the Get Help form for one-on-one assistance by appointment. 

Do you have technology knowledge to share with others? Do you have experience with Excel, WordPress, or Python Programming? Join our volunteer mentor’s list to help others in the community find peer solutions to their technology questions. To volunteer, send an email to our Digital Services Trainer.



Wireless Internet access is available to the public. See Wireless Internet Use Policy 4.6 for complete details about privacy and security.



Public printers are available in the Copy Room and costs are as follows:

  • $0.10/page single-sided, black & white
  • $0.15/page double-sided, black & white
  • $0.50/page single-sided, color

Wireless printing from personal devices is available using Print From Anywhere. Printouts can be retrieved at Circulation for $0.10/page, black & white only. Types of files that can be printed



Two scanners are available in the Copy Room.  They allow for saving to a USB drive and email. The HP flatbed scanner will allow for printing and scanning of photos, slides, and negatives.


Copy and Fax

We have two black & white copy machines and a fax machine available in the Copy Room.

Copies (cash only)

  • $0.15/page

Fax (credit and debit card only)

  • $1.75 for first page, $1.00 per additional page for USA, Canada, and Caribbean
  • $3.95 for first page, $3.45 per additional page for international numbers
  • Faxes cannot be received at the Library.