The Library will be closed Monday, May 30 in observance of Memorial Day.

Tech Devices to Borrow

Learn about Finch Robot

Library card holders in good standing can check out tech devices.  By doing so, the borrower agrees to:

  • Return the device as it was prior to check out—without altering or installing any software, hardware, or changing network services accessible through the device.
  • Hold the Library harmless for any damage or loss of data due to any cause while using the device.
  • Take appropriate caution with personal information while using library tech devices. See the Computer and Internet Use Policy 4.5 for complete details about privacy and security.
  • Abide by the Library’s Computer Device Lending Policy 4.7 and the Library’s Code of Conduct Policy 3.1.
DevicesLoan PeriodCheckout Location
Finch Robot1 weekChildren’s Desk
iPad4 hours/day
In Library use only
Children’ Desk
Laptop4 hours/day
In Library use only
Ask Desk
Phone Charger4 hours
In Library use only
Ask Desk
Children’s Desk
Wifi Hotspot14 DaysAsk Desk