Tech Devices to Borrow

Learn about Finch Robot

Library card holders in good standing can check out tech devices.  By doing so, the borrower agrees to:

  • Return the device as it was prior to check out—without altering or installing any software, hardware, or changing network services accessible through the device.
  • Hold the Library harmless for any damage or loss of data due to any cause while using the device.
  • Take appropriate caution with personal information while using library tech devices. See the Computer and Internet Use Policy 4.5 for complete details about privacy and security.
  • Abide by the Library’s Computer Device Lending Policy 4.7 and the Library’s Code of Conduct Policy 3.1.
DevicesLoan PeriodCheckout Location
Finch Robot1 weekChildren’s Desk
iPad4 hours/day
In Library use only
Children’ Desk
Laptop4 hours/day
In Library use only
Ask Desk
Phone Charger4 hours
In Library use only
Ask Desk
Children’s Desk
Wifi Hotspot14 DaysAsk Desk